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A 10 Minute Discussion On Why Time Does Not Exist

The following is an excerpt from “Or So It Seems”, a comic breathtaking romp through time and space. Speaking of space, here is…

A Ten Minute Discussion On Why Time Does Not Exist
Though I never fully understood what they meant, The Seekeers For Truth often told us that time as we know it does not exist.
If there is such a thing as time, according to The Seekers, it does not occur in linear progression as we think it does but rather all at once, like an explosion caught in a video freeze frame. And if we are unable to experience it that way it is because of the deficiencies of our sensing mechanisms rather than the essential nature of time itself. It all goes back, they tell us, to AUM, to Automatic Universal Misunderstanding.
Think about that.
Time does not exist.
Everything in your life, every memory, every relationship, every assumption you make, every day you spend on this planet says just the opposite. That time not only exists but is a cruel and relentless taskmaster. That time not only serves as the backdrop and common medium for all our experiences but is the only way we can order our lives to make any sense of them.
If time does not exist could I really be 45 years old? Could I have been assaulted by moody teenagers on the streets of Brooklyn when I was eight years old, kissed by my first girlfriend when I was 10, had my first and most confusing sexual experience when I was 19, been married at 29 and divorced at 41?
I mean how can all of that be occurring at the same time? In the same moment?
How it happens I do not know.
That it does happen—is happening now!—of that I’m certain…
Am I capable of understanding any of this?
Are these answers waiting to be uncovered on my ILE (Individual Life Experience)? Or will I have to wait until my next embodiment or a dozen future embodiments to pull all the pieces of the puzzle together?
Perhaps just like time, those questions can only be understood and answered when viewed from deep within my being. From the CPU, the Center Point of the Universe.
Or within close proximity thereof.
Ironically it is only moving far into that deep inner space that one can find release from the full scale Broadway production of “Life As We Know It” produced by the Automatic Universal Misunderstanding. A show that you will no doubt recall runs 24 hours a day is enjoyed by the entire universe of God’s sentient creatures who believe it to be real.
And since AUM is wholly responsible for creating the illusion of time as part of that show the only way to make some sense of the non-existence of time—to really experience it in the moment—is to step free from the powerful grip of Automatic Universal Misunderstanding.
But remember also that AUM creates more than time; it creates an entire universe of illusions. So when you step free from the power of AUM, you step free from a lot more than time.
You probably do not realize it, but I have only recently been gifted with this ability to move deep within myself, to sit extremely close to the CPU where time moves so slowly it does not appear to be moving at all. Remember, this is my first-ever Do-It-Yourself Workshop, as sudden and new to me as it probably is to you.
Because of this newly acquired inward mobility I can also move backwards and forwards in time with apparent ease, free to explore the language of my my ILE. Something else that is entirely new in my altered range of experiences.
Though in truth, as I have already stated, I have not moved anywhere except inside myself. All my connections with time have occurred in just one place—in the present moment.
The Sacred Present Moment!
The same present moment that runs through all moments in time like an old-fashioned record spindle runs through all the 45’s stacked upon it—do you remember vinyl 45’s? Anyway, for some reason I now seem able to move freely across that freeze frame image where time explodes all at once; not to some earlier or later moment in time but to a different place in the overall frozen tableau. Like an ant who can crawl across the surface of a photograph and into the depth of the image as well…
That is why the mountaintop analogy works so well to explain the expansion of your perception as you move within yourself. Because when you move toward the center of the mountain you also move toward the top. And the higher you climb the more you can see of the landscape below. So when you finally reach the Center Point of the Universe you are at the highest vantage point, from where you can see everything in all directions! All at the same time.
Most of us are only capable of living our lives at the base of the mountain so we move blindly on the lowest plane as if there were no higher, more integrated, point of view; as if life were nothing more than a series of images, experiences or moments that unfold in linear progression.
That linear presentation being all we see of the universe, it naturally becomes our reality.
But as I said at the beginning of this workshop, when we are standing on the mountaintop we can see the movie in its entirety; we can view the entire chain of events leading up to this moment in time and all those events that reach out from this moment as well…
To follow up on this brief discussion, turn to “Or So It Seems” by Paul Steven Stone,page 299: Lesson 31, “A Ten Minute Discussion On Why Time Does Not Exist”
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