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Sorry Bernie, We Still Can’t Trust Hillary!

There’s One Thing You Forgot To Mention

In spite of what you said in your recent L.A. Times op-ed, we still can’t vote for Hillary. What you left out in your op-ed was any mention of the character of the woman you are endorsing for president. The woman whose vote you are asking us for. Talking about Donald Trump the Boogie Man doesn’t give Hillary a free pass on character. So let’s look at what you didn’t say—the half-truths you offered us, Bernie—after a year of telling us the whole truth.

UnBernie-HilaryknownYou made no mention that you were asking us to vote for someone with so little character she would actually subvert the will of the people, trample their right to vote while stealing the Democratic nomination.

Those were OUR votes she stole, Bernie! WE, YOUR SUPPORTERS, were the ones she made stand outside in five hour lines, and whose probationary ballots were sent out back to be shredded. I noticed you didn’t mention any of that in your op-ed, Bernie.

You also forgot to include Hillary is so experienced in lying and taking the most expedient path there is no guarantee that what she promised today she will honor tomorrow. Only a fool would expect Hillary—once she becomes president—to stand by policies you forced on her back when she needed your endorsement. I fully expect she will inevitably and repeatedly defer to furthering the interests of those who funded her campaign, which you rightly warned us against back when you were still fighting her as an establishment tool.

Back when you were still clear as to who the enemy was.

Hilary is exactly what you warned us against, Bernie! A Tool of the Establishment, Wall Street’s Favorite and the only woman on the planet who has earned the right to be called “The Fracking Queen.”

Bernie, you can’t talk about Hillary’s character because, if she has any, it’s of questionable integrity. People have been witnessing Hillary’s character for over 40 years. That’s one of the reasons why nobody, in their deepest hearts, can entirely rule out Hillary’s involvement in all the unexplained deaths that have surrounded the Clintons all the years of their joint careers, from Vince Foster’s suicide to the recent deaths of a former Clinton donation bundler and a DNC employee supposedly shot during a robbery even though nothing was stolen and he was shot two times in the back.

Lastly, and most importantly, we believe Hillary is far more likely than any other candidate to send our children and grandchildren off to kill strangers in foreign lands, and to do it for no good reason other than her warlike tendencies and to feed the constant hunger of the military-industrial machine.

Rather than being an agent against international terrorism and war, the US has become the number one cause of war and terrorism, blindly sending out it’s over-weaponized armies without taking into account how our presence will further inflame and accelerate the forces of war. How many wars could have been avoided, how many lost lives saved, had we had the good sense to stay the hell out in the first place?

So, yes, Bernie, you may chose to vote for Hillary. we wish you well and hope you feel good about that choice. The rest of us, however, will take another path. We are done choosing the lesser of two evils, done voting for someone who smells slightly less odious than her opponent. And please note, we will never vote for someone who by corrupting an entire election has proven herself unworthy of the office to which she aspires.

Fortunately, we have other options; we do not need to vote for Hillary or that orange-haired ignoramus on the other side.

Instead, we can vote for Jill Stein. Instead, we can vote for what we believe, just as we did by voting for you. Instead of capitulating once again to a system that plays America’s voters for suckers, we can vote for Jill Stein.

Bernie, you must understand why we can’t vote for Hillary; you who have fought entrenched interests your entire political career. In rejecting Hillary, we are merely continuing your fight. Our eyes are on the prize, even if that prize lies ten or twenty years down the road.

Finally we can start to turn this thing around, Bernie. We have choices that will allow us to both vote and hold our heads high. We can re-invigorate our Democracy. We can start building an alternative to this destructive and self-enriching two-party system.

And it won’t be by voting for Hillary Clinton.


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To relive those glorious days of the Bernie campaign, check out my and Bill Dahlgren’s am.“CHANNELING BERNIE,” ad campaign. 50 glorious ads in pursuit of the real American Dream.

CHANNELING BERNIE: The Complete Campaign

This is truly a grass roots advertising campaign. And yet it’s wholly epic in the great American tradition. Two advertising veterans creating an online campaign for Bernie Sanders’ seemingly quixotic reach for the presidency. Grass roots yes, but hopefully not half as amateurish as the email blasts most political campaigns send out. It’s been an amazing journey, creating these ads, one in which I’ve honestly felt like I’ve been channeling the candidate’s vision and perspective. Or else he’s been in my head over the years and I didn’t know it. You choose…!

BE AWARE: These ads were developed as Bernie’s campaign evolved, so some will use facts or figures from earlier in the campaign, while others have been obsolesced by the movement of events. Feel free to share any of them, but be aware I plan to upgrade ALL ads before we go into the general election.

Ad #1: Developed to inoculate Bernie against attacks for being a Socialist. (see below the following text for the remaining ads in our CHANNELING BERNIE campaign.)


Originally, I thought I would just work out a campaign concept that Bernie might use in his email outreach, one that offered a little more punch than the run of the mill stuff he’d been sending out. A concept, you see,  that had more intelligence and sex appeal, but was still relevant to Bernie, his campaign and his audience.

Of course once I got started, these ads/essays had a life of their own. So far, we’ve created over fifty ads/essays in this first leg of the journey—Primary Season. We’ll see where—if anywhere—things go from here. At the very least, these Bernie ads/essays offer a quick look at the wrongs Bernie will set right, his specific stances on specific issues, while some offer glimpses of others in the race. Here again, all of it channeling Bernie’s positions to the best of my understanding and ability.

A short word about the format of the ads/essays. I saw an ad in a Cleo Award Show book that gave me the idea to have my headlines serve as the start and finish to an ad’s entire copy statement. I’m not sure why, but the ads are highly compelling. It could be the reader’s natural curiosity about how the author made the start and the finish of the copy fit within the narrative flow—or could there be some momentum-building effect by having the beginning of an ad suddenly leap to the ad’s conclusion? Either way, the ads/essays are uniquely readable in this format, and possibly more engaging than the usual run of political online or print ads.

And so, with art direction by Bill Dahlgren, concept and copy by Paul Steven Stone, I offer for your inspection, enjoyment and further distribution the 51 ads—yes, 51!— that make up the Primary Phase of our “Channeling Bernie” advertising campaign. Actually, ad #51 is actually an attack on our opponent from the primaries, a woman who is not worthy of the presidency.


Ad #2: On The Issue of Gun Control


#3: Intended to inoculate Bernie from attacks for being a Jew from Brooklyn. Also focused on combatting the electability issue head on.


Ad #4: Donald Trump ‘tribute.’


Ad #5: A ‘Love Song’ for Hillary.


Ad #6: Playing with an obvious and natural branding theme for Bernie.


Ad #7: My idea of how the campaign might ask for money. With a little more humor and panache. “Contribute” button would hyper-link to donor page.


Ad #8: Slight rant about those F@%king guys who gave the American economy a wedgie of giant proportions. Most readers, I believe, got the Wizard of Oz connection to “Liars, Tigers and Bare Greed! Oh my!”BERNIE_AD_8_SFTW

Ad #9: My second Donald Trump tribute. Also, bringing back the Grumpy Old Man.


Ad #10: We are millions!


Ad #11:’s endorsement was a big deal, man. Real big!


Ad #12: I always loved the book title, “What Makes Sammy Run?” A great book by Budd Schulberg. Borrowing from Mr. Schulberg seemed to suit my purpose here.


Ad #13: Lucky 13 concerns those screw-up Republicans in all their Bush-whacking glory!


Ad #14: Are we hot or what!!


Ad #15: Bernie’s version of pro-life.


Ad #16: After seeing Bernie’s TV ad, “America” another Paul Simon song came to mind.


Ad #17: It’s the establishment’s turn to panic as they realize, “Oh my God, this guy’s for real!”


Ad #18: Wherein I speak directly to the Middle Class.


Ad #19: For those who would prefer their politics seasoned with less money and more public involvement.


Ad #20: And so we begin to break tHillary Clinton’s stranglehold on the Black Vote.


Ad #21: About those Goldman Sachs campaign donations…?


Ad #22:  Have you started to wonder about things, to ask yourself why America seems so poor. And where did all the money go?


Ad #23: The man is a mensch! He sees, he cares, he acts.


Ad #24: Anybody notice Hillary’s shift to the left during the campaign, as Bernie’s messaging gets stronger and more universally accepted?


Ad #25: Doesn’t cost much to clean up government, just an average of $27!


Ad #26: The Road to the White House is festooned with obstacles, challenges and, yes, bandits. 


Ad #27: He’s the Real Deal, Solid Gold, A Man For All Seasons and A Real Mensch!


Ad #28: Let’s take a moment out to talk about our Republican “Friends”


Ad #28a: An then we had a little fun with Ad #28a.


Ad #29: As for Brass Balls on Steroids, you can’t beat our GOP would-be-Presidents!BERNIE_AD_29_SFTW

Ad #30: The Final Word; this time on Black Rights and Wrongs.


Ad #31: Hillary’s African-American support is a prime example of a population segment voting against its own best interest.


Ad #32: Bernie is the Real Deal. Over a long political career, he’s consistently supported the people over the corporations; the people over the insiders and the wealthy; the people over those who would use government to fleece the people.


Ad #33: Evidence is mounting that Hillary and Bill are trying to steal the nomination. Time to take off the kid gloves.


Ad #34: It’s All About TRUST!


Ad #35: Oh, so Hillary doesn’t won’t debate in New York, won’t she!


Ad #36: Really folks, are you seriously considering a candidate who is the subject of an active FBI investigation? And what’s going to happen when the shit from the Panama Papers hits the fan?


Ad #37: Bernie speaks to the Pope, Hillary testifies before the FBI. A contrast that says it all when comparing the two Democratic candidates for the presidency.




Ad #40: How did things ever get this bad? And why did it take one man to wake us up to the truth?


Ad #41: Trying to succinctly define the incredible opportunity Bernie Sanders represents.


Ad #42: And now let’s pay a little attention to Hillary’s flaws. If a woman with $111 million can be said to have any flaws.


Ad #43: Wherein I appear to be F#%king Fed up with all this ELECTION FRAUD!


Ad #44: Can you believe the outright bias and censorship of the Mainstream Media-ocrity!


Ad #45: A snapshot of Hillary’s Election Fraud Machine at work.


Ad #46: The Fraudster strikes again! This time with the help of the Associated Press, and the DNC’s California stooges.


Ad #47: Rome Burns while the F.B.I. Fiddles!


Ad #48: A final ad to express our thanks for all Bernie has done. And that’s quite a lot!


Ad # 49: It was time for a musical break.


Ad #50: And then came Bernie’s endorsement of Hillary…


Ad #51: We just had to address the craziness of the leading contender for the presidency trying to cross the finish line before being hauled off to jail.


Channeling Bernie #9


I have to confess I’m growing weary of people telling me Bernie is a one-issue candidate. These folks equate his stance on income inequality as somehow separate from his stance on the minimum wage, Social Security, eliminating college debt, early childhood education or income tax restructuring. The simple truth is they are ALL related, because if the wealthy have all the money, and the Republicans help them retain as much of it as possible, there won’t be any money available for any of Bernie’s other priorities. Ironic that the wealthiest (read Koch brothers!) are the chief proponents of starving government so it cannot function as a bulwark for its citizens against ignorance, hunger or poverty. Go Bernie, Go! And thank you!!

This ad is NOT authorized or endorsed by the Bernie Sanders campaign.

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Channeling Bernie #8


This must be what a prairie fire looks like. It starts out small, perhaps just a few cinders blowing in the wind, but then it takes root and a critical milestone is reached when, suddenly, all around, everything is burning—brush, trees and grass all aflame, so there doesn’t appear to be a way in or a way out of the conflagration, just the entire visible world on fire and sending up smoke. And so it is with the Bernie Sanders campaign. Fueled today by literally millions of small donations (mine among them) and heading like a fire out of control from the backwoods and hinterlands of small states to the more populous cities and commerce centers. Everywhere you find people whose own experience resonates with Bernie’s words. Young people who can’t afford college and are forced to take on crushing debt, older people whose Social Security payments aren’t enough to live a comfortable life, families crushed by incredible medical costs, fast food workers who can’t emerge from poverty, African-Americans afraid for their children. And so it goes…and so Bernie’s campaign grows. Stand back or you might get burned.

NOTE: This ad was NOT authorized or endorsed by the Bernie Sanders campaign.

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Channeling Bernie #7


This ad jumped the queue. Wanted to get it out quickly to celebrate’s endorsement of Bernie. Hillary has to be worried; she’s being beaten by Bernie in many polls of Democratic women, most recently in New Hampshire. 


NOTE: This ad was NOT authorized or approved by the Bernie Sanders campaign.

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