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Tales Of The Book Part Three


“So when something from the outside touches you and seems to bring happiness…?” you ask playfully. “Something like a songbird?”

“You must learn to let it sing, and be grateful for what you are given. As soon as you try to capture it, or own it, or demand more, it’s like catching the songbird in your hand. How easily you can squeeze the life from a songbird when you try to capture its song.”

“How sad,” you say, your voice filling with regret. “To kill the very thing you love by holding it too tightly.”

“Yes, it is sad,” I agree. “Very sad. The moral of the story is to look to yourself for your happiness, not to others. Which means looking to yourself—and yourself alone—for whatever love you need. Learn that lesson or spend the rest of your days squeezing the life from each songbird that flies into your world.”

From “The Songbird And Me”, one of many ‘Short Insights and Fiction Flights’ to be found in “How To Train A Rock” by Paul Steven Stone, available on For more info, check out or