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A Candle For Those Who Never Give Up


On this Easter Sunday I light our chalice for all the resurrectionists in the world. The ones who always get back up after a fall…those who lose at love but stay in the game…those who lose their job and let that loss be the gateway to a new career…those who come back to their sport after a devastating injury. I especially light this chalice for those who experience losses of unimaginable impact—the death of loved ones, the loss of their retirement savings, the destruction of their homes, the taking of their freedom—yet who refuse to succumb to cynicism and despair.

I light this chalice to honor and recognize the unconquerable resilience of the human spirit.

The above words were spoken as I lit the chalice last Sunday at my Unitarian-Universalist church in Hingham, MA.

Or So It Seems—The Novel

Or So It Seems a novel by Paul Steven Stone
Part odyssey, part oddball adventure, “Or So It Seems” offers a breathtaking look at one man’s spiritual journey.
A growing legion of fans are applauding “Or So It Seems”, taking it to their hearts like earlier generations embraced “Catcher In The Rye” and “Catch-22”. In Paul Peterson, the novel’s narrator, we are given a comically tragic hero beset by divorce, single parenthood and the difficulties of living a simple life in a complex universe. It’s Peterson’s search for answers to the mysteries of his life that powers and accelerates this fantastic adventure.
Never before has a novel so effortlessly—and humorously—synthesized Eastern philosophy into a palatable feast for the Western mind.
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