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Buy My New Book And Help End Poverty

Well, my poverty anyway.

Truth is, you probably won’t help anyone but yourself when you buy and read “How To Train A Rock”, assuming you like to laugh and be entertained. I didn’t mean to mislead you; something just came over me. That’s what happens when you spend most of your adult life writing advertisements.

But don’t let my misguided sense of salesmanship stop you from buying the book, because somewhere inside you’ll find a mystery word that could win you a midnight balloon ride with Paris Hilton and Britney Spears.

There I go again! That’s not true. You will encounter Paris and Britney, but only in one of my humorous commentaries. The bald fact is you won’t make friends with celebrities, save money, win a prize, improve your social standing or enjoy the benefits of space-age technology when you buy “How To Train A Rock”. What you will enjoy are 50 short-short stories, many hilarious, some profound, all uniquely creative.

So do yourself a favor and order “How To Train A Rock” today. You may not end poverty but I promise you’ll be delighted!

Plus, for a limited time, you could win a luxury vacation for two to Somalia.

You may recognize this variation on a theme if you’ve read my earlier postings. I like to play with ‘truth in advertising’, and yes that is an oxymoronic phrase. So hopefully you’ll indulge me a few of these playful sales messages as I struggle to break into double digit sales of my new book, “How To Train A Rock”. Which, if I haven’t mentioned it yet, can be purchased on