Not since Bill Clinton admitted he made mistakes in office that required him to ask for forgiveness has anyone flown so close to an apology without ever actually landing.hillary

Up until yesterday, that is, when the Democratic National Committee ponied up to the embarrassment bar to render their abject and sincere apology for getting caught saying things in emails they should never have said.

Okay, I thought, that would serve as an apology appetizer, but what about the main course? What about apologizing for all the wrongful actions you took that ended up with Hillary the declared winner of a nomination she never actually won? What about the purged voter lists, the mysteriously switched party registrations, the flipped electronic ballots, the wholesale trashing of provisional ballots, the five hour lines, the incredible shrinking number of polling places? And what about that travesty in Nevada? Doesn’t any of that Stalin-esque activity PERPETRATED BY DEMOCRATS ON DEMOCRATS warrant an apology?

The Mainstream Media-ocrity has a real problem with this. Because up until yesterday they pretended to see no evil where the Democratic primaries were concerned. But then, in light of WikiLeaks dumping 20,000 DNC emails they were forced to acknowledge what they had refused to see for almost a year, that the DNC had rigged the entire primary process so their anointed candidate would be declared The People’s Choice.

HILLARY IS NOT THE PEOPLE’S CHOICE! Why she should still be treated as such is beyond me. In America we pride ourselves on not allowing criminals to reap the fruits of their crimes. If we were to act responsibly—with real integrity—we would either throw out the Democratic primary results entirely and do it all over, or just declare Hillary disqualified for cheating. Exactly what is now being done to Russian Olympic athletes for their cheating.

Ask yourself, if Lance Armstrong isn’t allowed to keep any of his victories why should Hillary Clinton? Both were cheaters of the highest caliber. The only difference is, when Hillary goes down there are a lot of people who go down with her.

Among Democrats and Independents Hillary is not The People’s Choice, no matter how much the press and Democratic Establishment pretend and wish it otherwise. There are many people who, after creating statistical models based on reasonable hypotheses, declare Bernie the winner hands down. One statistical analysis posits a Bernie win of the California primary, 69% to Hillary’s 31%. A primary Hillary supposedly won 56% to 43%.

The Democratic National Committee can keep their hollow anemic apology to themselves. They were guilty of so much more than they’ve admitted or apologized for. They were guilty of suppressing the votes of their own voters! How much worse could a political party have behaved, short of shooting their own party members?

This entire fiasco has proven two things to me, possibly to millions of others. First the Democratic Party is an institutional dinosaur run by folks focused mainly on protecting their feathered nests and, secondly, Hillary Clinton is not worthy of the office to which she aspires.

Try apologizing for that!


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