Daily Archives: March 19, 2023

WATCH YOUR STEP! Republican Shit Storm Straight Ahead.

From the moment Donald Trump took control of the Republican Party, that venerable political institution not only lost its soul, but lost its way.

The twice-impeached, totally disgraced grifter from New York City, is not only the first American president about to be indicted for criminal activity, but also the first to attempt a coup d’etat! And still the first and only president in history to attempt to overthrow the duly elected American government. 

That his coup failed, was not a result of the Republican Party abandoning him in his criminal activity, but of a few key Republicans, including Trump’s vice president, maintaining their allegiance to country and constitution rather than the autocratic and aggrieved one-term president.

Let it be forever known that the Republican Party disgraced itself in its loyalty and fealty to this totally unworthy human being.

That the Republican Party is still allowed a seat at the table in American politics is a tragic flaw of the system that could ultimately prove its undoing.