If you’re like me, you’ve been wondering how normal everyday Americans can support Republican politicians who lie on a daily basis. Not only lie, but are so protective of those lies they feel compelled to punish their GOP colleagues who have the courage not to lie. 

Republican politicians, once the standard bearers of law and order, have today become, under the feckless and dishonest leadership of Donald Trump, the standard bearers of sophistry and sycophancy, better known as lying and ass-kissing. It is not enough to abandon their principles, or conveniently forget the oaths they took to honor and defend the Constitution, but now they must twist themselves and the words they speak to conform to “The Truth as espoused by Donald Trump.” 

They cannot see the irony in the slogan “Stop The Steal,” even when it’s used in a violent attempt to steal the 2020 election from the man who actually won the contest. Nor can they see the dangers inherent when political leaders attack the very institutions they were elected to serve. 

No, their guiding star is frighteningly easy to follow. Trump is powerful enough to threaten their political survival. Thus, no matter what Trump says or does, no matter how vile or damaging his words and actions, they will stand by him as long as they have a shred of honor or pride left to sacrifice.

Witness the impromptu Hall of Shame set up this week by Republican officeholders outside the Manhattan courtroom where Donald Trump is on trial. It is not for them to worry about the wrongs or rights of Trump falsifying legal documents to hide his violation of federal and state election laws. Of far more significance is Trump’s quest for vice presidential candidates who will show mindless subjugation and fealty to their president, even when the Constitution says they shouldn’t.

Senators J.D. Vance, Rick Scott and Tommy Tuberville; Speaker of the House Mike Johnson,; Congressmen Matt Gaetz, Byron Donalds and Jason Miller; and North Dakota Governor Doug Burgun— SHAME ON YOU! 

SHAME ON ALL OF YOU! You have shown yourselves unfit for any duties defined or proscribed by the United States Constitution. 

But be careful, you who sell your souls so cheaply! 

You are riding the momentary winds of shortsighted political favor. Woe to you when those winds shift. 

For then, without truth, honor or principles to cling to, you will only have Trump’s hollow lies and empty promises to keep you afloat.

You can ask Michael Cohen what those are worth.