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For eight years, the forces of deceit, greed, chaos and destruction have been blowing across America, a storm so large and angry it will take years before its fury can be fully spent.

Only formally upgraded to hurricane status on the occasion of the former president’s fourth and most sweeping indictment, for attempting to steal the 2020 election, Hurricane Trump has proven more dangerous to America and American democracy than any external threat or storm condition. 

Clearly, the first casualty of Hurricane Trump was the Republican Party, a body of politicians forced to abandon the Constitution and the rule of law to protect and serve their boorish master. 

Gone are the days when unwary citizens could turn on their television sets without witnessing hurricane force damage to the truth, our criminal code, our historic traditions, our way of life and our ability to live in peace with one another. 

Also, in the wake of Hurricane Trump, we can no longer live without fear of our neighbors, or trust our leaders to speak the truth. Nor can we rely on those neighbors and leaders to resist the pitch of a grifter whose lies speak most powerfully to their meanness, their anger and their petty grievances.

When asked to respond to Hurricane Trump’s imminent threat to the fabric of life in America and to our country’s most beloved institutions, a Republican spokesperson offered his party’s standard response… 

“But what about Hunter Biden?”