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Yes, We Are This F*#ked Up!

The United States is broken.

Not just a little, but a whole lot.

So broken, especially in spirit, that for seven months this sovereign nation has limped along badly after a failed coup d’etat. Not since the Civil War have we been this divided and distrustful of each other.

So broken, that one of our two major political parties is actually an accessory to that failed coup mentioned earlier. Members of the Republican Party in Congress who assisted the insurrectionists remain unchallenged and uncharged, and continue to exert their power and prestige as members of Congress.

So broken, that that same political party continues to obfuscate, minimize and lie about the events of January 6th. More than a cover-up, the Republican Caucus’ total denial of a reality that threatened their very lives is behavior more shameful than even the worst politicians could imagine. 

So broken, that today, seven months after a small circle of conspirators tried to reject and overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election, not a single charge has been filed against anyone suspected of inciting the crowd or organizing the well-planned assault on the Capitol.

So broken, that one of the two political parties that enjoy a shared monopoly over our democratic institutions is no longer committed to protecting and sustaining those institutions. And by withholding their vote to certify the results of the 2020 election, many Republicans in Congress turned their backs on the Constitution they swore to serve and protect. 

So broken, that Republicans in almost all states where the party holds a majority, are acting as if the Big Lie of the 2020 election gave them a self-anointed moral authority to write new laws restricting voting access and ensuring a more ‘favorable’ election outcome next time. 

“If we lost the last election fair and square, let’s win the next one by hook and crook.”

So broken, that the dictates of Truth, Honesty, Tradition and Democracy no longer reign supreme in a country where the Laws and False Gods of Trumpism hold sway over 35-40% of the electorate. It is no longer merely a house divided against itself, but also a country attempting to turn against its better instincts, its better angels, its more benevolent self.

If we are to fix our broken country, we must act decisively to bring to justice those responsible for the Coup of January 6th. And those who by deed, word or support either helped plan or enact the January 6th attack upon our nation’s capitol. That means bringing to justice anyone who acted to obstruct the wheels of democracy or to further the reach and impact of Trump’s naked grab for power.

The United States of America needs to see justice. And needs to see it now while we are still a semblance of our former self.

That’s how f#@ked up we are!