Genus Republicana: known to lie, incite insurrections and vote against women’s rights.
  1. THEY LIE: The lies did not begin with Trump, they merely achieved a new level of acceptability and urgency under the leadership of the Republican’s Liar-in-Chief. Vote for any Republican who tells you the 2020 election was stolen and you are voting for a LIAR. What your mother told you was true: YOU CANNOT TRUST A LIAR.
  2. THEY WILL OUTLAW ABORTIONS. Have no doubt, if Republicans win a majority in Congress they will outlaw abortions. Even if your favorite Republican would never vote to abolish abortions, he or she would never have the strength or power to fight the majority. That’s why the GOP was able to pack the Supreme Court with unqualified anti-abortion zealots.
  3. THEY WILL DESTROY OUR DEMOCRACY. If Republicans win a majority in Congress, they will whitewash America’s first coup d’etat under Donald Trump, and set up rules to ensure continued Republican majorities. If Republicans win majorities in states, they will continue to enact laws that restrict voting access and disenfranchise minorities and students. 

In case you haven’t noticed, today’s Republican party, with notable exceptions, is not the political party your parents once voted for. That was a party of financial vigilance, extreme patriotism and a dedication to law and order. By deifying Donald Trump, cloaking themselves in the American flag and espousing a distorted view of the American Constitution, today’s Republicans pervert the very principles they once pursued. For these Republicans, Law and Order matters up until the moment Capital police officers stand in their way. Patriotism matters up until the moment a disgraced ex-president sends them to attack the seat of their government. And any pretense of financial vigilance went out the window with Trump’s tax bill, which mostly benefitted the wealthy and ignored those most needy in our American enterprise.  

There are countless reasons why you should not vote Republican in the next election, or any following election, until this nest of liars, sycophants and lawbreakers is broken up and true Republicans return to take back their party. 

One only hopes our democracy can survive until that time.

2 thoughts on “THREE BURNING REASONS NOT TO VOTE REPUBLICAN (in State or National Elections)

  1. Norm Dauria

    Paul, i couldn’t agree with you more. I have stated those same reasons to both friends and foes.
    I always early vote because you are in and out quickly but this time while I did early I was out even more quickly than usual simply because I voted only for any democrat on the ticket. If there were only repubs or Liberatarians I left it blank.
    Anyone who is incapable of easily reading the tea leaves will deserve what they get from these hardcore right wingers. And what they can look forward to are diminished freedoms, only propaganda vs. factual info, stiffled scientific findings or lack of entirely, tighter governmental control, further dumbed down education, the prevention of reading materals that don’t coincide with strict government standards, etc. In others words look forward to the begining of a dictatorship or an authoritarian form of government.
    And ironically, the ignorant will get what it deserves but blame former president Barack Obama.
    I am waithing for the days when the fact is stated that the main or primary purpose of education is to learn how to properly THINK.

    1. Paul Steven Stone Post author

      Hi Norm: Thanks for your feedback. I’m starting to think the most important subject we could teach in our schools is Critical Thinking. Well, I’m doing what I can to fight off the destruction of our democracy and democratic ways. And, of course, hoping for the best. Keep up the good fight, Norm!


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