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Still scary, still a threat!

      Have you ever wondered why the United States, among all other leading industrialized nations, has never been able to progress beyond the fears and divisions that have paralyzed its political body and hindered social progress for decades…?

      Are you wondering today why we are once again struggling to protect a woman’s right to personal privacy and self-made choices about her body? Or perhaps you’re asking who it is that repeatedly stymies every sensible effort to protect our children from armed gunmen with military-style weapons? Or maybe you’re wondering how come racism, white supremacy and policies stitched from hate, lies and fears have become acceptable political discourse? 

      And lastly, if you are like me, you find yourself in a state of shock and disbelief that an American politician attempted a coup d’etat to overthrow the duly elected government of the United States. Not only did he send an armed and bloodthirsty crowd to the capitol to kill or harm our elected legislators, but his co-conspirators and enablers now stand before us and blithely lie about what happened on that fateful day. Sensing a handle by which they can gain or hold onto power, they distort, minimize or defend an act that tears at the fabric of our constitution, all the while cloaking themselves in the protective aura of our flag and the protected speech of an American political party. A party that once stood for America’s principles, but now embodies the disgrace and stain of treason.

      Is it time to wake up to the fact that today’s Republican Party, faced with declining demographics and a bleak future, has turned to the politics of hate, fear and division to stay in power. No longer is it enough to gerrymander voting maps, or repress minority voters, to maintain their position of prominence. Now they must reject the result of fair elections and prepare to steal votes themselves.

Is it time to face up to the impact of a party that, like the Nazis in 1930’s Germany, poses a monumental threat to the continued peace, prosperity and harmony of its homeland?

Perhaps, it is time to ask whether it is time to declare the Republican Party a domestic terrorism organization. 

And to treat it like the threat it has become.

An existential threat.


Genus Republicana: known to lie, incite insurrections and vote against women’s rights.
  1. THEY LIE: The lies did not begin with Trump, they merely achieved a new level of acceptability and urgency under the leadership of the Republican’s Liar-in-Chief. Vote for any Republican who tells you the 2020 election was stolen and you are voting for a LIAR. What your mother told you was true: YOU CANNOT TRUST A LIAR.
  2. THEY WILL OUTLAW ABORTIONS. Have no doubt, if Republicans win a majority in Congress they will outlaw abortions. Even if your favorite Republican would never vote to abolish abortions, he or she would never have the strength or power to fight the majority. That’s why the GOP was able to pack the Supreme Court with unqualified anti-abortion zealots.
  3. THEY WILL DESTROY OUR DEMOCRACY. If Republicans win a majority in Congress, they will whitewash America’s first coup d’etat under Donald Trump, and set up rules to ensure continued Republican majorities. If Republicans win majorities in states, they will continue to enact laws that restrict voting access and disenfranchise minorities and students. 

In case you haven’t noticed, today’s Republican party, with notable exceptions, is not the political party your parents once voted for. That was a party of financial vigilance, extreme patriotism and a dedication to law and order. By deifying Donald Trump, cloaking themselves in the American flag and espousing a distorted view of the American Constitution, today’s Republicans pervert the very principles they once pursued. For these Republicans, Law and Order matters up until the moment Capital police officers stand in their way. Patriotism matters up until the moment a disgraced ex-president sends them to attack the seat of their government. And any pretense of financial vigilance went out the window with Trump’s tax bill, which mostly benefitted the wealthy and ignored those most needy in our American enterprise.  

There are countless reasons why you should not vote Republican in the next election, or any following election, until this nest of liars, sycophants and lawbreakers is broken up and true Republicans return to take back their party. 

One only hopes our democracy can survive until that time.