“Step right up, folks. Don’t miss your chance to help send a soon-to-be-convicted traitor to the White House for four years of unbridled chicanery and chaos.

“If you thought Trump 1 broke all the rules, violated all norms, and opened up the U.S. Treasury to widescale looting by the billionaire class, well wait till you see Trump 2.

“The beauty of this election,” New Hampshire officials say, “is the value you get for your money.  Because in New Hampshire you get multiple votes.

“Did you hear that?

“Not just one vote, but multiple votes!

“Imagine how you will dazzle your friends! Today, for one day only, you can vote for TRUMP THE TRAITOR at the same time you’re voting for TRUMP THE BUSINESS FRAUD, as well as TRUMP THE SEXUAL PREDATOR and TRUMP THE INCURABLE LIAR. And Let’s not forget TRUMP THE WORST PRESIDENT EVER . That’s at least 5 votes you get when you’re casting just one.

“Just be aware that the Republican Party no longer accepts or acknowledges all votes for their opponents, insisting they would never win another election if they accepted the will of the people.

”So remember, Today is “VOTE FOR A TRAITOR DAY” in New Hampshire. 

Or not.


  1. Bridget Seley Galway

    Not to worry we New Hampshire folk know a good deal when we see one.
    We spend plenty of time in our lounge chair worshiping Trump on any channel we can find him. He is really really smart and speaks the truth so good. He knows how to really really get around all the really terrible laws and lies that try to get in his way, because they are so bad,they are really really bad.

  2. Norm DAuria

    It is hard to believe that so many of our electorate are behind Trump as you indirectly and directly suggested. And I wholeheartedly agree with your take. The problem is that we as a society have been conditioned to follow majority thinking and actions, and respect all “authority” figures regardless of what they are professing. It starts in our very early years to not question our elders, from parents, teachers, preachers, etc. And by doing so It causes us to have little or no self confidence and in some instances self worth because these so called authority figures have us believe that they know what is right for us ( let us do your thinking). So it seems logical that insecure people go with the majority and feel comfortable and worthy of themselves in doing so.
    And because we are a nation largely of followers, gifted Con artists like Trump, who lack the ability to care for anyone but themselves, do whatever it takes to benefit regardless of the damage they do. Trump is no different than the other gifted con artists like Joel Osteen, Kenneth Copeland, Jerry Falwell Jr, etc. They all have convinced people that they unquestioning know what is right for all.
    Hopefully the Supreme will do the right thing by not allowing the lying sociopath to have his way.

    1. Paul Steven Stone Post author


      I can’t find any reasonable answer as to why so many people fall for Trump’s grift. It’s like a virus, or a fever in the blood And scary…!

  3. john bach

    Once again, you’ve done it Paul with your commentary which is short and sweet … or as the case may be, short and sour. The photo says it all.

    1. Paul Steven Stone Post author

      Thanks, Brother. You are always such a stalwart supporter, and I love you for it.

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