Leave It To Hillary!

“Dad, can I ask you something?”

“Sure, Beaver. What would you like to know?”

“Something I don’t understand.”

“Ask away, that’s what I’m here for.”

“You told me it was wrong to cheat and that cheaters always get caught.”Beaver3

“Well, I’m not sure they always get caught, Beaver. But it definitely is wrong to cheat.”

“This morning Wally said that gang on TV—the one holding their national Invention…”

“I think you mean con-vention, Beaver The Democratic National Convention.”

“Yeah, well Wally said they got caught cheating. Is that right?”

“Yes, Beaver, the Democrats were caught cheating.”

“Wally said they were liars and cheaters.”

Ward“Well they are, son. And they got caught doing both.”

“Why did they lie and cheat, Dad…?”

“Well, you’re a little young to understand this, Beaver. It’s kind of an adult thing. The Democrats wanted their candidate to beat out some other candidate…”

“And they cheated to win?”

“Yes, they did. They did all sorts of nasty things so their candidate would win. They made it so hard for anyone but their candidate to win that, naturally, their candidate ended up winning.”

“But then they got caught, right? Isn’t that like when Wally and I were trying to win that dollar Mom promised to whoever made his bed the best for a week? And Wally kept messing up my bed so I wouldn’t win?”

“Yes, it’s very much like that, Beaver.”

“And when Wally got caught, Mom took back the dollar and gave it to me, didn’t she?”

Cleavers“She sure did, Beaver. By cheating, Wally gave up his right to keep the dollar.”

“What did you call it when Wally gave back the dollar?”

“I said he was disqualified.”

“Yeah, that’s right! And weren’t all those Russian athletes dis…, uh, dis…, dis…?”

“Disqualified? Yes, they were kicked out of the Olympics for cheating.”

“So why does the fake winner of the Democratic Convention get to keep her winnings?”

“Because her name is Hillary Clinton.”

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