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Sorry Bernie, We Still Can’t Trust Hillary!

There’s One Thing You Forgot To Mention

In spite of what you said in your recent L.A. Times op-ed, we still can’t vote for Hillary. What you left out in your op-ed was any mention of the character of the woman you are endorsing for president. The woman whose vote you are asking us for. Talking about Donald Trump the Boogie Man doesn’t give Hillary a free pass on character. So let’s look at what you didn’t say—the half-truths you offered us, Bernie—after a year of telling us the whole truth.

UnBernie-HilaryknownYou made no mention that you were asking us to vote for someone with so little character she would actually subvert the will of the people, trample their right to vote while stealing the Democratic nomination.

Those were OUR votes she stole, Bernie! WE, YOUR SUPPORTERS, were the ones she made stand outside in five hour lines, and whose probationary ballots were sent out back to be shredded. I noticed you didn’t mention any of that in your op-ed, Bernie.

You also forgot to include Hillary is so experienced in lying and taking the most expedient path there is no guarantee that what she promised today she will honor tomorrow. Only a fool would expect Hillary—once she becomes president—to stand by policies you forced on her back when she needed your endorsement. I fully expect she will inevitably and repeatedly defer to furthering the interests of those who funded her campaign, which you rightly warned us against back when you were still fighting her as an establishment tool.

Back when you were still clear as to who the enemy was.

Hilary is exactly what you warned us against, Bernie! A Tool of the Establishment, Wall Street’s Favorite and the only woman on the planet who has earned the right to be called “The Fracking Queen.”

Bernie, you can’t talk about Hillary’s character because, if she has any, it’s of questionable integrity. People have been witnessing Hillary’s character for over 40 years. That’s one of the reasons why nobody, in their deepest hearts, can entirely rule out Hillary’s involvement in all the unexplained deaths that have surrounded the Clintons all the years of their joint careers, from Vince Foster’s suicide to the recent deaths of a former Clinton donation bundler and a DNC employee supposedly shot during a robbery even though nothing was stolen and he was shot two times in the back.

Lastly, and most importantly, we believe Hillary is far more likely than any other candidate to send our children and grandchildren off to kill strangers in foreign lands, and to do it for no good reason other than her warlike tendencies and to feed the constant hunger of the military-industrial machine.

Rather than being an agent against international terrorism and war, the US has become the number one cause of war and terrorism, blindly sending out it’s over-weaponized armies without taking into account how our presence will further inflame and accelerate the forces of war. How many wars could have been avoided, how many lost lives saved, had we had the good sense to stay the hell out in the first place?

So, yes, Bernie, you may chose to vote for Hillary. we wish you well and hope you feel good about that choice. The rest of us, however, will take another path. We are done choosing the lesser of two evils, done voting for someone who smells slightly less odious than her opponent. And please note, we will never vote for someone who by corrupting an entire election has proven herself unworthy of the office to which she aspires.

Fortunately, we have other options; we do not need to vote for Hillary or that orange-haired ignoramus on the other side.

Instead, we can vote for Jill Stein. Instead, we can vote for what we believe, just as we did by voting for you. Instead of capitulating once again to a system that plays America’s voters for suckers, we can vote for Jill Stein.

Bernie, you must understand why we can’t vote for Hillary; you who have fought entrenched interests your entire political career. In rejecting Hillary, we are merely continuing your fight. Our eyes are on the prize, even if that prize lies ten or twenty years down the road.

Finally we can start to turn this thing around, Bernie. We have choices that will allow us to both vote and hold our heads high. We can re-invigorate our Democracy. We can start building an alternative to this destructive and self-enriching two-party system.

And it won’t be by voting for Hillary Clinton.


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