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And Why The Media Can Never Explain Why

 “I’m sorry. Please forgive me.”

Those are the words Hillary Clinton needs to say to Millennials that might actually win her a few of their votes. I’m not sure how large a percentage would be moved, but I believe some would respond if they felt the apology was sincere and deeply felt.

The American Media at work during the Democratic primaries.

The American Media at work during the Democratic primaries.

Anyone who knows Hillary Clinton knows those would be the last words on her lips before she dies—and not before!

And unless you’ve been living abroad and cut off from all internet access—notice I didn’t say “cut off from all press reports”—you know exactly why Hillary needs to apologize. As any Millennial who voted for Bernie Sanders in the primaries can tell you, HILLARY STOLE THE ELECTION FROM BERNIE. Bernie’s votes were suppressed, ignored, hacked, flipped, lost and shredded, all in service to ensuring Hillary a nomination she could never win on the field of battle. As Stalin once said, “The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.” Stalin could have easily added, “And the people who steal the votes never win the hearts of those whose votes they stole.”

So now the primaries are over and Hillary has been handed the nomination by a political party that actively worked to sabotage the campaign of her opponent; a man who most Millennials actually voted for, even if their votes weren’t counted.

Pity the poor mainstream media that now has to report on the real challenges facing Hillary as she struggles to woo Sanders voters; a media hoisted on its own petard when trying to explain why Bernie supporters would rather chew glass than vote for Hillary. As far as Berners are concerned—and obviously I include myself in that group—Hillary proved herself spectacularly unsuited to be President by trampling on the voting rights of millions, and by taking a large and odorous bowel movement on the Constitution of the United States—an act of infamy that went strangely unreported in the American media.

It would be too kind to excuse the media’s journalistic lapse by calling it a fluke or an oversight. The mainstream media’s consistent failure to investigate or report on Hillary’s stolen victories makes it hard for them to explain now why Millennials and other Sanders’ supporters dislike Hillary with such savage intensity. Theirs is the kind of unforgiving, almost feral ferocity that arises after one has been victimized time after time after time.

Primary after primary after primary!

By not reporting on Hillary’s Great American Election Fraud Machine, which seemed as large as an aircraft carrier to those of us in Bernie’s camp, the media cannot honestly explain to its millions of unsuspecting readers and viewers why Hillary is so hated today without revealing their own complicity in previously ignoring her widespread election crime spree. Nor could they provide a broader context to the collusion revealed in the leaked DNC emails without also revealing their own stooge-like devotion to ignoring Hillary’s crimes and ensuring her eventual coronation.

So much easier to mimic the DNC cover-up line, “The Russians did it!” and hope the public gets distracted enough not to ask why Hillary wasn’t disqualified for cheating.

Now, for me, the big question has become “Why didn’t Obama step in and put a stop to Hillary’s election fraud?” Which may lead others to ask another question: “What did Obama know and when did he know it?”

Wouldn’t it be ironic if Obama were impeached and the media, once again, couldn’t say why?



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