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“Don’t Blame Me If I Criticize Hillary!”

halo hillaryThe following was written in response to an email criticizing me for my satirical essay, “THE CDC Issues “CLINTON TOXICITY ALERT!” Warns Contact Could Prove Fatal To One’s Reputation.” The critic faulted me for humorously attacking Hillary and thus helping Trump win the presidency. Having puzzled over just that question myself—Can I criticize Hillary without helping Trump?—I wrote a response that helped clarify the issue; hopefully for my critic, but definitely for myself. Perhaps this could be of help to you and others out there in the shattered realms of BernieLand.

Dear (Name Redacted):

First off, I do not wish for a Donald Trump presidency, nor do I fear that my posting has the power to become a causative factor in that outcome. That being said, I must tell you honestly that a Hillary Clinton presidency would not be much better, except for the probable impact on the Supreme Court makeup. I believe Hillary will take us into war more readily than any of the candidates out there, and I am sick to my core that America has caused so much unnecessary death and destruction around the world. We act as if we were spiteful two-year olds and the planet was our private playground.

I also believe, as my essay indicated, the Clintons have shown themselves to be pigs at the trough of the American political system. If you believe they made (approx.) $130 million in two years without selling something in return, you are a lot less cynical than me. In my essay about their toxicity, I may have jested about them damaging individual lives and careers, as well as the Justice Department, the FBI, and the DNC, but I MEANT IT! I believe they are sordid, money-grubbing opportunists, of which Hillary’s compromising the entire Democratic primary is just another example.

Had Bernie won the nomination, as I think he could have (and possibly did), he could have knocked Trump out of the ring without raising a sweat. Hillary cheated herself into the nomination, and I am not the one to blame for her perfidy. Nor is my essay to blame for a criminal successfully pulling off her crime. If the Democratic Party hasn’t enough integrity to admit the primary process was stolen with its active assistance, or enough sense of honor and civic regard to disqualify the individual who stole their flag, don’t blame anyone who stands up and cries “Foul!”

Deriding people like myself who object to our democracy being degraded by a woman whose very actions prove her unworthy of the presidency, is to blame the messenger for the message.

Blame instead the American media for purposefully ignoring the biggest news event of the year—the theft of the Democratic nomination. Blame Obama for not using his power to stop the election fraud and prevent the subversion of America’s electoral system. Yes, there are plenty of people and institutions to blame before you ever get to me.

In addition to the Clintons, I blame a thoroughly corrupt Democratic Party and a complicit American press that deserves to be vilified for its year-long silence about pervasive and blatant election fraud. And don’t forget to blame the gullible American voters who appear almost eager to buy Trump’s brand of snake oil. But of all these, the Clintons are the most culpable and the ones who, as my essay suggests, spread their toxicity and corruption throughout the halls of government and across the body politic.

If you read another of my recent election-focused posts, “BRAND SUICIDE, The Destruction of the Democratic Brand in 2016,” you’ll see the world as reflected in my eyes when it comes to Hillary and the DNC. Together, they have stolen the nomination, or at least so poisoned and destroyed any hope of a fair Democratic primary process that we will never know for sure who actually won. If you only get your news from the Mainstream Media-ocrity you will have no idea what I am speaking about, which is why I suggest you read “BRAND SUICIDE.”

Returning to your concern about Trump, who I believe couldn’t win the presidency without having Hillary as his opponent, I don’t have a simple answer. Perhaps I’ll start writing satire about him to counteract my writings about Bill and Hillary. There’s too much time between now and November for me to figure out all the wrinkles now.

More likely than my satirical essays damaging Hillary’s chances in the election, I believe Hillary’s own actions will eventually do her in. Something in her past will come up to bite her in the ass, while her docile, unquestioning supporters will be standing out in the rain wondering what happened…?  Hillary and Bill have committed so many questionable acts in their long and scandal-studded careers that someone—WikiLeaks, Guccifer, Gufficer 2 or Guccifer 32—will almost certainly drop a bomb during the election. You can count on it.

In conclusion, Name Redacted, I am not trying to help Trump when I speak my mind about Hillary’s character, or lack thereof. Rather, I feel an obligation to warn my fellow Americans when they are about to bite into something that may look good but is ultimately rotten and bad for their health.

Perhaps, like me, they will then choose to vote for Jill Stein.

In Fellowship,

Paul Steven Stone


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