Have You Had This Talk With Your Children Yet?


I need to talk with you about something. No, nothing’s wrong with me. It’s just, parentsas your father, it’s my responsibility to prepare you for life. No, this has nothing to do with sex! It’s about my legacy for you; what I hope to leave behind.

And why I’ve seemed so sad lately.

I feel rotten telling you this, but you know how I’ve always told you to be grateful you live in a free country? And that either one of you could grow up to be president?

Well, it’s not true. It’s all bunk!

Turns out we live in an oligarchy, controlled and managed by politicians and fully-paid-for by our country’s corporate masters. Not only are our political leaders for sale, but our elections are a sham.

That means they’re a joke. A farce. A hoax!

This is all my generation’s fault. We were all too smug and self-satisfied with our electronic toys, 24-hour online shopping and NFL Sundays to question the foundation and fabric of our republic. Even when we witnessed George W. Bush stealing the presidency, we hoped it was just an anomaly, something that would not be repeated, especially with the entire country now on notice.

Kids, I wasn’t just wrong, I was dangerously wrong!

As sure as I’m sitting here now, Hillary Clinton stole the Democratic nomination this year; her preamble to stealing the general election, I’m certain. I know you haven’t heard a word about this in the newspapers or on TV. That’s because—as crazy as it sounds—there was a conspiracy of the media, the federal government and the Democratic Party to ensure Hillary Clinton won the presidency.

I know, it’s totally unbelievable, which is one of the things the conspirators counted on. I could show you the deviation in exit polling in the different state primaries, which absolutely proves election fraud, but you probably wouldn’t understand it. Nor would you understand why nobody—not the national press or the United States government—or any of Hillary’s supporters, for that matter—seems to give a damn.

It was actually quite comical—if anything was humorous in this depressing political season—when even the most prestigious newspapers like The New York Times tried to explain why most Bernie Sanders supporters refused to line up behind Hillary even in the face of a Trump presidency. Obviously, the press couldn’t mention their own complicity in Hillary’s success; that they had abandoned their journalistic integrity to bolster her presidential hopes and bury Bernie’s.

 The missing ingredient in their news stories was the fact Bernie Sanders’ supporters were outraged at having their votes stolen and suppressed. They could mention our anger, but not the reason for that anger. Even though they knew damn well why we were so angry.

I know, kids, this isn’t easy. I’d rather be talking about the birds and the bees than to tell you our democracy has been stolen and that America is now owned, lock, stock and barrel by a group of billionaires who couldn’t care less about your welfare.

The presidential race was over as soon as Hillary announced her candidacy. True, there were primary contests still to run, a Republican challenger yet to be chosen, and a general election yet to be held, but still it had been decided—by whomever is behind the curtain making these decisions—that Hillary Clinton would be the next president of the United States.

And nothing said or done by Bernie Sanders or Donald Trump could alter that fact.

And so, kids, your father will go to his final resting place unhappily leaving behind an America far diminished in its Democratic ideals and shared economic opportunity. When I was your age, America was a wonderful place where we cherished the notion any child could grow up to be president through diligent effort and hard work.

Today it seems like the game is totally rigged and one has to play along to move up the ladder. Crooked politicians have become the norm; deceit, self-interest and greed now rule where integrity, compassion and generosity once held sway.

Okay, that’s all I have to say about that. But while I have your attention, there’s something else I’d like to talk about.

Let me start by asking if either of you know what foreplay is…?



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