Herschel dressed to fight inflation, werewolves and vampires.

If ever our country needed a Man of the Moment, it is NOW!

And if ever a Man of the Moment came along at just the right moment, it is HERSCHEL WALKER!

Why settle for Herschel winning a seat in the United States Senate when he is clearly ready to solve bigger and more challenging problems?

Who else but Herschel could put an end to the scourge of vampires and werewolves running rampant in Washington D.C.?

Imagine NO MORE vampire politicians sucking the life’s blood out of the United States taxpayers. And NO MORE werewolf politicians who transform themselves from inflation fighters to Hunter Biden hunters whenever the full moon rises over Washington, D.C.

Who else but Herschel could stand atop the George Washington Monument and hold up a giant STOP sign to send China’s bad air back where it came from? And think of the money we will save on STOP SIGNS when Herschel reuses that same sign to STOP Mexicans and South Americans from illegally crossing our border.

Who needs a wall when we have a President who can break through walls of linebackers?

Herschel Walker would be the only President in history who could boast of being an FBI agent and Georgia sheriff’s deputy without ever finishing college! A man so quick on his feet, he can run for a Georgia senate seat while still legally living in Texas.

Who else but Herschel could bring the country together again after its decades-long internecine battles over abortion? Nobody could bridge the abortion divide like Herschel could. Nobody else has the courage to support a total abortion ban while helping to keep abortion clinics open with his regular patronage. 

Folks, you don’t need a weather man to see which way the wind is blowing in the Republican party. 

Would America’s cherished GOP ever float a Senatorial candidate who wasn’t, at the same time, also fit for the Oval Office?  A candidate whose qualifications are so lacking, he probably wouldn’t qualify for an intern’s job in the same Senate he hopes to join as an elected member?

So, yes, VOTE FOR HERSCHEL WALKER and send him to Washington, D.C. And don’t worry about Herschel ever reaching the White House.

The Republicans have already found someone even more unfit than Herschel to run for that office. 


  1. Norm DAuria

    Herscel Walker for president.
    Why not, since it wouldn’t change any of the behaviour’s of our current republican party.

    Walker for president, 2024
    Majorie Taylor Greene for Vice president 2024
    Lauren Boebert for speaker of the house2024 ( if the republican party still controls the house at that time)
    With a team like that both China and Russia would be forced to capitulate to any and all demands that the U.S. would put force.
    With Herschel leading the nation Lindsey Grham could be doing push-ups by his side asking Walker if he is doing them correectly.
    Ted Cruz would be put in charge of the American the diet due to his fastidious nature about body and mind.
    Greg Abbot and Louie Ghomert could be in charge of sending up air ballons on a daily basis warning of corporal punishment to immigrants if they are to enter the country illegally.
    Our current military would be replaced with a varied group of fighting machine teams such as the Boogalou Bois, The Three Percenters, Oaths Keeps, The Militia Movement, etc.
    Matt Gaetz would be the perfect candidate for underage political social events.
    These are just a few ideas that if Herschel were to become president what the administration might kook like.

    1. Paul Steven Stone Post author

      Very good, Norm. LOL, as they say, especially putting Ted Cruz in charge of the American diet. Thanks for the laughs!


  2. Phil Rosen

    Sadly, your very tongue in cheek blog might be taken all too literally by some in our country. Thanks Paul

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